Wrecking Madrid (Javichun Version)

Sunday, 22 July 2012


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A real marathon tonight, the longest show in Springsteen's known performing history clocking in at an incredible three hours and 48 minutes. Southside Johnny joins Bruce on stage for "Talk To Me", which is performed by (a rather convenient) sign request. "The River" is dedicated to Nacho, a 20-year-old who died of cancer a couple of days before this show, for which he had a ticket. Premiere of "Spanish Eyes", one of three songs tonight from The Promise. There's another airing for "Be True", and also the third "My Love Will Not Let You Down" of the tour. Patti is at home with the kids.

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Wrecking Madrid



2012.06.17 - Estadio Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid, SPAIN


01. Intro
02. Badlands
03. No Surrender
04. We Take Care Of Our Own
05. Wrecking Ball
06. Death To My Hometown
07. My City Of Ruins
08. Spirit In The Night
09. Be True
10. Jack Of All Trades
11. Youngstown
12. Murder Incorporated
13. She's The One
14. Talk To Me
15. Spanish Eyes
16. Working In The Highway
17. Shackled And Drawn
18. Waitin' On A Sunny Day
19. Apollo Medley
20. The River
21. Because The Night
22. My Love Will Not Let You Down
23. The Rising
24. We Are Alive
25. Thunder Road
26. Rocky Ground
27. Born In The USA
28. Born To Run
29. Hungry Heart
30. Seven Nights To Rock
31. Dancing In The Dark
32. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
33. Twist And Shout


This one took a while, but I wasn't sure about uploading it for the mess in some songs but some friends convinced me to go ahead and share.


The night started good as we managed to get into the pit again, we were on the left side of the stage and not many heavy clappers around. This was the first time recording on high resolution (I know, I know... I should have tried elsewhere, but I'm quite short of time lately...) using the PCM-10 and an external micro-SD card... once I got home and I downloaded the files to the computer it all seemed right, I made some samples of a couple of songs and the sound was OK. Once I loaded the complete show to CD Wave and started listening I found a HUGE F**K UP in a few songs: Be True; Jack Of All Trades; Apollo Medley; Born To Run; Hungry Heart; Seven Nights To Rock... Apparently (as I later found on taperssection.com), some "slow cards" won't work fine with high resolution files and will create skips on the recorded file, so at the end of each of the big WAV files I had on the PCM-M10 you can find those skips... Now I know I should have used the internal memory first and then the external and get a type 10 microSD card... too late for this one... but good to know if he comes back next year.


This one is dedicated to all my friends who where in Madrid that night with me, and to the absent ones too.




Trade freely.


Recording Info


Taper: javichun


Equipment: CMC-8 (cardioid) > CA-9200 > PCM-M10 (24bit-96kHz) > Adobe Audition (boost levels - downsample) > CD Wave > FLAC Frontend


Location: recorded from the back side of the pit, left of the stage

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