Wrecking Bergen - Night 2 (Ballerusk Version)

Thursday, 26 July 2012


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If last night was Born In The U.S.A. night, then tonight is definitely Wrecking Ball night with eight songs from the album, including a full-band "This Depression" (last night was solo acoustic) and the premiere of "You've Got It". 31-song set opens with an acoustic "Long Walk Home", a tour debut. "My Lucky Day", "Red Headed Woman" and "Proud Mary" are also all tour premieres. It's only the third time "Red Headed Woman" has been played since 1999. Also in the set, "Fire" and "Racing In The Street". Patti Scialfa is not present.

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Wrecking Bergen - Night 2



2012.07.24 - Koengen, Bergen, NORWAY


01. Long Walk Home (acoustic)
02. We Take Care of Our Own
03. My Lucky Day
04. Out In The Street
05. Wrecking Ball
06. Death to my Hometown
07. My City of Ruins
08. The E Street Shuffle
09. Red Headed Woman
10. Proud Mary
11. Fire
12. This Depression
13. Youngstown
14. Murder Incorporated
15. Johnny 99
16. Working On The Highway
17. Shackled And Drawn
18. Waitin On A Sunny Day
19. You've Got It
20. Racing In The Street
21. The Rising
22. Radio Nowhere
23. Badlands


24. We Are Alive
25. Born In The USA
26. Born To Run
27. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
28. Seven Nights To Rock
29. Dancing In The Dark
30. Tenth Avenue Freeze-out
31. American Land


Some chatter here and there during the quieter parts. No rain unlike the previous night thankfully. A 14 year old Dutch girl requested Rosalita and got to sing a refrain together with Bruce on stage.


IF YOU PAID FOR THIS RECORDING YOU HAVE BEEN SWINDLED BY A RÆVHØL, SHARE FOR FREE. I didn't do this for money and neither should you *shakes fist angrily*


Recording Info


Taper: Ballerusk ; Source: Schoeps MK41s > CMR > Tinybox > Sony M10 (16bit/44kHz) ; Post-processing: Fades, light compression in Audacity > xAct > FLAC


jackie said...

Hiya, I tried to download the first part and went to unzip it and it said the file was corrupted and it would unzip. Is there anyway of rectifying this? it downloaded in around 3 1/2 mins which I thought was short.

DitJo said...

tRY AGAIn The file is OK

Anonymous said...

Vocals are nice & clear, but the bass is too high.

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