As Dreams Don't Mean Nothing - A Night For The Vietnam Veterans (Ev2)

Tuesday, 10 July 2012


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Audience tape and partial (first set) soundboard. Concert is a benefit for the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation and features passionate versions of many songs including "The River", "Who'll Stop The Rain", "Prove It All Night" and "Darkness On The Edge Of Town". Also includes a stunning "Ballad Of Easy Rider", the only known performance. Springsteen stops singing during "The River", either due to overwhelming emotion or to shake hands with the veterans seated around the stage - opinion is divided. An outstanding “Detroit Medley” includes snippets of “I Hear A Train”, "Land Of 1000 Dances", “Sweet Soul Music” and “Shake”. "Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)" also includes a brief "Sweet Soul Music" during the band introductions. Widely considered one of Springsteen's finest shows. Released on CD "A Night For The Vietnam Veteran" (Winged Wheel), and "Written On The Wall" from a remastered tape. Now available as a direct master recording remaster by Ev2 which has the complete "This Land Is Your Land" and "Twist And Shout" from the very good sounding audience tape. None of the previous recordings/sources had these two songs as complete from the better sounding audience tape. This is the same source as "Written On The Wall" but from a direct master recording which results in a slightly better sound quality - "As Dreams Don't Mean Nothin' - A Night For The Vietnam Veterans" (Ev2).

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Possibly the most emotional show of Bruce's career, this benefit show starts with an introduction by Bobby Mueller, a disabled Vietnam veteran, and several band members reportedly had tears in their eyes when they started 'Who'll Stop the Rain?,' Credence Clearwater Revival's song about the Vietnam conflict. Bruce himself was overcome with emotional during 'The River' and stopped singing at one point. This show features the one and only performance of 'Ballad of Easy Rider.

As Dreams Don't Mean Nothing - A Night For The Vietnam Veterans



20.08.1981 - Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA

28.08.1981 - Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA *

23.08.1981 - Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA *

21.08.1981 - Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA *

24.08.1981 - Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA *


* Bonus Tracks

Disc 1

01. Arena Announcement
02. Bruce Springsteen Intro
03. Bobby Muller Intro
04. Who'll Stop The Rain
05. Prove It All Night
06. The Ties That Bind
07. Darkness On The Edge Of Town
08. Intro / "Hold On To Yourself"
09. Johnny Bye Bye
10. Independence Day
11. Intro / "You End Up Trapped"
12. Trapped
13. Two Hearts
14. Out In The Street
15. The Promised Land
16. The River
17. Intro / "Dream That Won't Die"
18. This Land Is Your Land
19. Badlands

Disc 2

01. Thunder Road
02. Hungry Heart
03. You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)
04. Cadillac Ranch
05. Sherry Darling
06. Jole Blon
07. Wreck On The Highway
08. Racing In The Street
09. Candy's Room
10. Ramrod
11. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) 6

Disc 3

01. Jungleland
02. Ballad Of Easy Rider
03. Born To Run
04. Detroit Medley

05. Twist And Shout

06. Proud Mary 1

07. Deportee (Plane Wreck At Los Gatos) 1

08. Stolen Car 2
09. Follow That Dream 3

10. Jackson Cage 4

11. I Fought The Law 1

12. Quarter To Three 1


1. 28.08.1981 - Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA

2. 23.08.1981 - Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA

3. 21.08.1981 - Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA

4. 24.08.1981 - Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA

5. Beginning of "Who'll Stop The Rain?" mixed with the (very bad) soundboard source.
6. Very small skip in the beginning

7. With “I Hear A Train”, “You Can't Sit Down”, “Sweet Soul Music”, “Shake”


To keep people from asking:

Since this 'remaster' is from MarkP's master recording, this doesn't have the cuts every other release has.


'This Land Is Your Land' which was missing from other versions, is complete on this one. 'Twist & Shout' was missing half the song - it's complete on this one. Only cut on this is in the beginning of "Who'll Stop The Rain?", which was on all the other version too. (Tried to fix it)


To sum it up, this is much better than all the old 'releases' of this legendary show.


'Editors' view: Probably the best show ever, definitely best Who'll Stop The Rain? he's ever played.


Thanks to Gchord for the artwork source, and let's not forget the man who we all owe a lot - Mark P. We can't thank you enough.


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