Love, Soul & A Broken Heart (EV2)

Monday, 2 July 2012


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Soundboard recording. One of the finest, most intense shows of the River Tour, perhaps related to the fact that Ronald Reagan had been elected president the day before – which Bruce notes with displeasure during the show. Many highlights in this show, including perhaps the definitive performance of "Drive All Night". Roy plays "Once Upon A Time In The West" as a prelude to "The River". According to Dave Marsh, during "Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)" Bruce fell off a speaker stack: "Bruce made one of his patented leaps to the speakers at the side of the stage. But this time he missed. The crowd just kept on cheering, but back at the sound-board where Jackson (soundman Bruce) and I were sitting, the tension was thick. Bruce might do anything, but this was weird; the band was holding the chord, and the chords of 'Rosalita' are not meant to be held for five seconds, much less fifteen. It's a good long drop from the speakers, two feet high, to the floor, a good eight or nine feet away. All there was between Bruce and the hard concrete floor was the band's monitor mixing board, but as he tumbled down, roadie Bob Werner reached out and broke the fall. (He sprained his wrist in the process.) Neither the band nor the crowd could see any of this. The next thing any of us knew, the guitar appeared, tossed atop the speakers. Then a pair of hands and at last, Springsteen's head, with his silly-faced-little-boy grin. He shook his head, pulled himself the rest of the way up, and strapped on his guitar, went back into action as if nothing had occurred.


Soundboard tape released on CDs 'Heart and Soul' (E Street Records) and 'Live In Tempe' (Palace), and most recently remastered on CDR 'Love Soul & A Broken Heart' (Ev2). The audio recording of “Badlands” from this show (minus spoken intro) was officially released on the Live 1975-85 box set. This show was professionally filmed in its entirety by producer/director Howard Lamden (who also served as Executive Editor). Lamden had previously filmed Pink Floyd and was the Director of Jackson Browne’s early '80s Downtown documentary. Unfortunately the film of this show remains in Springsteen’s vault and is not circulating among collectors. It is likely that the very brief snippets of River Tour performance footage seen in the promotional ‘10 Years Burning Down The Road’ advertisement for the Live 1975-85 box set emanates from the Howard Lamden film of this concert - although that is not 100% certain at this point. Click the link above to view this advertisement. Another tantalising snippet believed to be from this show can be seen in the 2012 documentary Wrecking Ball: A Conversation With Bruce Springsteen. Brucebase also believes that some of the concert was filmed from the audience.

Love, Soul & A Broken Heart



05.11.1980 - Activity Center, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

08.11.1980 - Reunion Auditorium, Dallas, TX *

15.11.1980 - The Summit, Houston, TX *

25.02.1988 - The Centrum, Worcester, MA *


* Bonus Tracks


Disc 1

01. Born To Run

02. Prove It All Night

03. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out

04. Darkness On The Edge Of Town

05. Independence Day

06. Factory

07. Jackson Cage

08. Two Hearts

09. The Promised Land 4

10. Out In The Street

11. Racing In The Street

12. The River

13. Badlands

Disc 2

01. Thunder Road

02. Intro / No Money Down

03. Cadillac Ranch

04. Hungry Heart

05. Fire

06. Candy's Room

07. Sherry Darling

08. Intro / Here She Comes

09. I Wanna Marry You

10. The Ties That Bind

11. Stolen Car 4

12. Wreck On The Highway

13. Point Blank

14. Intro

15. Crush On You

16. Ramrod

Disc 3

01. You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)

02. Drive All Night

03. Backstreets 4

04. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)

05. I'm A Rocker

06. Jungleland

07. The Detroit Medley

08. Yellow Rose Of Texas 1

09. Fade Away 2

10. Walk Like A Man 3



1 08.11.1980 - Reunion Auditorium, Dallas, TX

2 15.11.1980 - The Summit, Houston, TX

3 25.02.1988 - The Centrum, Worcester, MA

4 Mixed with another show to fill missing part


Remastering Info


Many pops/clicks removed one by one, mixed missing parts with another soundboard shows from 1980, boosted audio levels on some quiet parts and so on. You'll hear the difference.


+Many other improvements I never list.


"Yellow Rose Of Texas" is originally just an intro to "Cadillac Ranch", that's the reason it fades out to "Fade Away".


  • “The Boots” Info

"One of only four (circulating) complete soundboard shows from the entire River tour. This show includes several highlights from early in the tour, especially opening with Born to Run, as well as rare performances of "Jackson Cage" and "No Money Down" as an intro to "Cadillac Ranch". Another "highlight" may be the trio of "Stolen Car," "Wreck on the Highway," and "Point Blank".


Doug Watson said...

No idea why, but I've tried downloading it twice now but with the same result. RAR file is meant to be 311mb but only downloading 186mb. The last four tracks on disc two and disc three are missing.

Κόναν ο Γάργαρος said...

Same here. Please take a look at what's going on if you have the time

sqrlhntr said...

Wreck On The Highway is the last song that I got.

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Same problem today. Great show though, love it.

Sergi said...

I have the same problem....

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