Running Out Of Innocence (The Godfatherecords)

Thursday, 23 August 2012


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makeawish musicares

Running Out Of Innocence



Compilations & Studio Outttakes


Disc 1

01. Backstreets [alternate take with strings]

02. Born To Run [alternate take with female background vocals]

03. Thunder Road [alternate take with different lyrics]

04. Thunder Road [alternate take with saxophone opening]

05. A Love So Fine [instrumental unreleased track]

06. She's The One [alternate take with different lyrics]

07. Night [double-tracked lead vocals]

08. Lovers In The Cold [unreleased track]

09. Lonely Night In The Park [unreleased track]

10. Backstreets [alternate take #2 with strings]

11. Backstreets [alternate take with different lyrics]

12. Thunder Road [acoustic version]

13. Born To Run [double-tracked lead vocals]

14. The Heist [early version of "Meeting Across The River"]

15. Jungleland [alternate take with strings and different solos]

Disc 2

01. Linda Let Me Be The One [unreleased track]

02. Jungleland [alternate take with strings]

03. Jungleland [rehearsal take of ending]

04. Phantoms [early version of "Zero And Blind Terry"]

05. New York City Serenade [aternate take with different lyrics]

06. Evacuation Of The West [unreleased track]

07. Kitty's Back [alternate take]

08. 4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) [alternate take]

09. Zero And Blind Terry [instrumental take #1]

10. Hey Santa Ana [alternate take with flute solo]

11. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) [instrumental take]

12. 4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) [instrumental take]

13. Zero And Blind Terry [instrumental take #2]


Disc 1:

All Songs Recorded at the Record Plant, Blauvelt, New York City, March-July 1975 except Songs 2,5 & 13 Recorded at 914 Sounds Studios, Blauvelt, New York City, October 1974. All Songs Produced by Bruce Springsteen, John Landau and Mike Appel except Song 2 Produced by Bruce Springsteen and Mike Appel.


Disc 2:

Recorded at 914 Sounds Studios, Blauvelt, New York City, June-July-August 1973. Produced by Mike Appel & Jim Cretecos.

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Au Clair De La Lune: Paris, July 5, 2012 (The Godfatherecords)

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


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  • Brucebase Info (05.07.2012)

A spectacular 31-song setlist for the second night in Paris with Bruce taking the concept of a varied set on night two and blowing it out of the water. A six-pack of classics (including the second "Something In The Night" of the tour) kick-off the show before we even get to the the usual opener "We Take Care Of Our Own". This wasn't the plan - the setlist shows "The Ties That Bind" going straight into 'We Take Care'. Both "Incident On 57th Street" and an extended 11-minute "Racing In The Street" are played - the last time that both songs were played at an E Street show was back in 1978. Also in the set: "I'm Goin' Down", "Easy Money" and the tour premiere of "For You", played solo on the piano. The walk-on music is "Au clair de la lune", played by the accordion duo of Roy and Charlie. Thanks to Francois for the info.

Au Clair De La Lune: Paris, July 5, 2012

THE GODFATHERECORDS – # G.R. 780/781/782


2012.07.05 - Palais Omnisports De Paris-Bercy, Paris, FRANCE


Disc 1

01. Intro
02. The Ties that Bind
03. No Surrender
04. Two Hearts
05. Downbound Train
06. Candy's Room
07. Something In The Night
08. We Take Care of Our Own
09. Wrecking Ball
10. Death To My Hometown
11. My City of Ruins
12. Spirit In The Night
13. Incident on 57th Street

Disc 2

01. Because the Night
02. She's the One
03. Working on the Highway
04. I'm Goin Down
05. Easy Money
06. Waiting on a Sunny Day
07. Apollo Medley
08. For You
09. Racing in the Street
10. The Rising
11. Out in the Street

Disc 3

01. Land of Hope and Dreams
02. We are Alive
03. Thunder Road
04. Born to Run
05. Glory Days
06. Seven Nights to Rock
07. Dancing in the Dark
08. Tenth Avenue Freeze Out


Excellent review in Collectors Music Reviews

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Wrecking Foxboro (Hobbes4444 Version)

Sunday, 19 August 2012


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Wrecking Foxboro



2012.08.18 - Gillette Stadium, Foxboro, MA


Disc 1

01. My Love Will Not Let You Down
02. Night
03. Out In The Street
04. Hungry Heart
05. We Take Care Of Our Own
06. Wrecking Ball
07. Death To My Hometown
08. My City Of Ruins
09. Spirit In The Night
10. Open All Night
11. Growin' Up

Disc 2

01. Lost In The Flood
02. Because The Night
03. She's The One
04. Working On The Highway
05. Shackled And Drawn
06. Waitin' On A Sunny Day
07. Racing In The Street
08. The Rising
09. Radio Nowhere
10. Badlands

Disc 3

01. Jungleland
02. Born To Run
03. Bobby Jean
04. Dancing In The Dark
05. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
06. Drift Away

07. Twist And Shout


Another astounding show. . .


Recording Info


AT933 hypercardioid (3-wire) > CA-9100 > Edirol R-09 (24/44.1)
Section 131 row 6

  • Brucebase Info (18.08.2012)

Another fine show for the third night in Massachusetts. A 28-song set opens with "My Love Will Not Let You Down" into "Night". A surprise premiere for "Open All Night" (by request), performed in the Seeger arrangement. The last E Street performance of "Open All Night" was April 4, 1985 in Melbourne, Australia. Main set also includes "Growin' Up, "Lost In The Flood" and "Racing In the Street". Encore features the second tour "Jungleland", plus Dobie Gray's "Drift Away", only played twice before tonight. Last known performance was December 14, 1984 in Memphis, TN. Over the three Massachusetts nights, Springsteen played 57 unique songs. Patti Scialfa is not present.

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Wrecking Boston - Night 2 (Bakerstuff Version)

Saturday, 18 August 2012


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savethechildrn Caritas internationalis

Wrecking Boston - Night 2



2012.08.15 - Fenway Park, Boston, MA


Disc 1

01. Thunder Road (Bruce & Roy)
02. Hungry Heart
03. Sherry Darling
04. Summertime Blues
05. Girls in Their Summer Clothes
06. We Take Care of Our Own
07. Two Hearts
08. Wrecking Ball
09. Death to My Hometown
10. My City of Ruins
11. Knock on Wood

Disc 2

01. Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street?
02. Thundercrack
03. Frankie
04. Prove It All Night ('78 intro)
05. Darkness on the Edge of Town
06. Working on the Highway
07. Shackled and Drawn
‘08. Waitin' on a Sunny Day

Disc 3

01. Backstreets (with Dream Baby Dream interlude)
02. Badlands
03. Land of Hope and Dreams
04. Who'll Stop the Rain (acoustic)
05. Rocky Ground
06. Born to Run
07. Detroit Medley
08. Dancing in the Dark
09. Quarter to Three
10. Tenth Avenue Freeze-out
11. American Land (with Ken Casey)


Excellent sound. Stunning show.



Recording Info


Recorded from section A-7: Church Audio CA-14 Cardioids> CA-UGLY PreAmp > Edirol R-09HR > CD Wave Editor > Cool Edit Pro for boosts and fades > Trader's Little Helper > FLAC


No fades at disc change for those who don't burn to disc anymore.

  • Brucebase Info (15.08.2012)

…First night in Boston may have been relatively standard, but Bruce really mixes things up on night two with 18 songs not played the previous night and plenty of rarities. "Thunder Road" opens, performed by Springsteen accompanied only by Roy. A quartet of summer songs follows, including the second "Summertime Blues" of the tour. Eddie Floyd's "Knock On Wood" makes a surprise appearance, only previously played with the E Street Band on April 29, 1976. "Thundercrack", "Frankie" and "Prove It All Night" (with 1978 intro) follow. If that's not enough, "Backstreets" includes a 'Dream Baby Dream' interlude. A solo acoustic "Who'll Stop The Rain" opens an encore set that also features "Detroit Medley", "Quarter To Three" (with "I'm a prisoner of rock 'n' roll!") and "American Land" with Ken Casey from Dropkick Murphys. Patti Scialfa is not present.

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Wrecking Boston - Night 1 (Jdwtyl Version)

Friday, 17 August 2012


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Wrecking Boston - Night 1



2012.08.14 - Fenway Park, Boston, MA


Disc 1

01. Intro
02. The Promise Land
03. Out In The Street
04. We Take Of Our Own
05. Wrecking Ball
06. Death To My Hometown
07. My City Of Ruins
08. Spirit In The Night
09. The E Street Shuffle
10. Jack Of All Trades
11. Atlantic City

Disc 2

01. Because The Night
02. Johnny 99
03. Darlington County
04. Working On The Highway
05. Shackled And Drawn
06.vWaitin' On A Sunny Day
07. Boom Boom
08. Drive All Night
09. The Rising
10. Badlands
11. Thunder Road

Disc 3

01. We Are Alive
02. Born To Run
03. Rosalita
04. Glory Days
05. Dancing In The Dark
06. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
07. Dirty Water
08. Twist And Shout


Total run time = 3:28:58


Recording Info


Source: Schoeps MK4's > Schoeps CMR's > Naiant Tinybox > Edirol R-09HR ; Transfer: SDHC > Adobe Audition > Cakewalk pyro > .WAV > FLAC(5) ; Location: Section 14, Field Box 23, Row G

  • Brucebase Info (14.08.2012)

…No great surprises for the first of two nights in Boston as Bruce and Band return to the stage after a two week break. "Boom Boom" makes its first appearance this tour, and there's the expected "Dirty Water" in the encores. 29-song set also includes "Drive All Night", and "The E Street Shuffle" makes a welcome comeback after a short break. Patti Scialfa is not present.

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Copenhagen Night (CC)

Thursday, 16 August 2012


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  • Brucebase Info (26.06.1999)

…Audience tape. Set opener was played as it was raining hard at the start of the concert - and it continued through most of the night. Tour premiere for "Because The Night". "Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out" includes "It's All Right" and "Fire". First ever performances in Denmark of "Darlington County", "Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out", "Where The Bands Are", "Stand On It", "If I Should Fall Behind", and "Land Of Hope And Dreams". Available on CD "Copenhagen Rain" (Piggham) ,"Who'll Stop The Rain" (?) and "Copenhagen Night" (Crystal Cat). The Piggham version is perhaps the best of the three.

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Copenhagen Night

CRYSTAL CAT – # CC 534/535/536


1999.06.26 - Parken Stadium, Copenhagen, DENMARK

1999.06.27 - Valle Hovin Stadion, Oslo, NORWAY *


* Bonus Tracks


Disc 1

01. Intro                
02. Who'll Stop The Rain
03. Prove It All Night
04. Two Hearts      
05. The Promised Land
06. Darlington County
07. Tougher Than The Rest
08. The River       
09. Youngstown      
10. Murder Incorporated
11. Badlands        
12. Out In The Street

Disc 2

01. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
02. Where The Bands Are
03. Working On The Highway
04. Because The Night
05. The Ghost Of Tom Joad
06. Streets Of Philadelphia
07. Backstreets
08. Light Of Day
09. Stand On It
10. Hungry Heart

Disc 3

01. Born To Run
02. Bobby Jean      
03. Thunder Road
04. If I Should Fall Behind
05. Land Of Hope And Dreams
06. My Love Will Not Let You Down
07. Darkness On The Edge Of Town
08. Mansion On The Hill
09. The River
10. My Girl
11. Jungleland


1. 1999.06.27 - Valle Hovin Stadion, Oslo, NORWAY

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Everybody Clap Your Hands – Boston Night 3 (Featuring The Miami Horns)(JEMS - Steve Hopkins’ Master Tapes)

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


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  • Brucebase Info (24.03.1977)

…Show features "It's Hard To Be A Saint In The City" and the first known Springsteen version of Jackie Wilson's 1967 hit "(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher".

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Everybody Clap Your Hands – Boston Night 3 (Featuring The Miami Horns)



1977.03.24 - Music Hall, Boston, MA


Disc 1

01. Night
02. Don't Look Back
03. Spirit in the Night
04. Incident on 57th Street
05. Thunder Road
06. Mona / She's the One
07. Tenth Avenue Freeze-out
08. Growin' Up
09. It's Hard to Be a Saint in the City (slight bit of start missing)

Disc 2

01. Backstreets
02. Jungleland
03. Rosalita
04. Born to Run
05. Quarter to Three
06. Little Latin Lupe Lu
07. You Can't Sit Down
08. Higher and Higher


Night three of what I consider Springsteen's greatest concert stand ever is the penultimate show in the run, and sets the stage for the final show one night later. Or, as some have argued, is night three the apex itself, the best performance of the bunch?


For me, its bit like debating Sassacaia vs. Solaia--they are both so fucking great, which is "the best" hardly matters, especially when you are fortunate enough to enjoy them both. As I have once, maybe twice, just so you don't get the wrong idea.


And both shows we shall have, but up first is March 24 and what a show it is. It retains the addition of "Incident on 57th Street" from the previous night, but for my money this is a superior performance, one of the song's finest. Joining the set this night are two welcome additions. The first is a lively "Saint in the City." Here's a track that shows off just how sublime Steve Hopkins' recording is. I'm sure three nights into the run, the sound in the room had been tuned to perfection and Steve is getting it ALL. The guitar duel can be heard right down to the six strings.


The second addition is one you all know, and probably the song that pushed the Boston run into the rarefied air it occupies: a cover of Jackie Wilson's "(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher."


Why is "Higher and Higher" so significant? Well, part of it has to do with the timing of these shows, which would be the final performances before Bruce returned to the studio to begin recording Darkness on the Edge of Town. While the Appel lawsuit was not yet settled, Bruce had seen the light at the end of the tunnel, so there's a sense of both relief and anticipation that feels palpable in all four Boston '77 performances.


"Higher and Higher" comes across like that perfect addition, that one step beyond, with Bruce telling his fans through the song that they had sustained him through this dark period, when his future as a recording artist was up in air. "Higher and Higher" is akin like that great finale song at the end of a musical that just seems to sweep up every theme of the night into one last exuberant declaration. Hear for yourself. Samples provided. Ticket stub, too.


Thanks yet again to Steve for allowing JEMS to present his incredible work in a fresh light.


The Boston '77 run will return.


/ BK for JEMS


Recording Info


Steve Hopkins master via JEMS


Taping Gear: Sony ECM-99A > Sony TC-158SD (recorded on two Maxell UD 90-minute tapes, Dolby B encode)


JEMS 2012 transfer: SH master cassettes > Nakamichi CR-7A (Dolby B decode) > Sound Devices USBPre2 (24/96) > Peak 6.0 with iZotope Ozone > .wav (24/96) > resample via iZotope MBIT+ to .wav (16/44) > FLAC

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Wrecking Montpellier (Germain Version)

Monday, 13 August 2012


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Wrecking Montpellier



2012.06.19 - Park & Suites Arena, Montpellier, FRANCE


Disc 1

01. Inroduction
02. We Take Care Of Our Own
03. Wrecking Ball
04. Badlands
05. Death To My Hometown
06. My City Of Ruins
07. Spirit In The Night
08. Growin' Up
09. Jack Of All Trades
10. Candy's Room
11. Prove It All Night
12. She's The One

Disc 2

01. Working On THe Highway
02. Shackled And Dawn
03. Waiting On A Sunny Day
04. Apollo Medley 
05. Point Blank
06. The River
07. The Rising
08. Out In The Street
09. Land Of Hope And Dreams

Disc 3

01. Born In The USA
02. Born To Run 
03. Bobby Jean
04. Seven Night To Rock
05. Dancing In The Dark
06. Tenth Avenue Freeze Out


2 Songs are missing "Fire" and "Rocky Ground"


Recording Info


Taper: Germain
Core Sound Cardiod Mics, Battery Box, Edirol R9 (16/44 Khz)

  • Brucebase Info (19.06.2012)

…First indoor arena show in Europe for this tour. In what is becoming a regular occurrence, the band take the stage to Once Upon A Time In The West. The 28-song set features the tour premieres of "Growin' Up" (with Roy playing a piano solo where Clarence would usually play the sax solo) and "Fire", the latter by sign request. "Fire" requires three (intentional) false starts, just like the 1986 Bridge Benefit show. Bruce takes the outro guitar solo on "Prove It All Night". Patti Scialfa is not present.

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