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Friday, 22 June 2012


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FM Broadcast of the first set. Audience tape of whole concert and show is filmed from the audience. 34 song set, and one of the best shows of the tour. "Downbound Train" makes its tour debut. “All That Heaven Will Allow” and “Spare Parts” have shorter intro stories than we got during the first leg of the tour. On the other hand the “You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)” intro story is expanded almost into a song of it’s own (Don’t You Touch That Thing). The solo acoustic “Born To Run” goes without the usual spoken intro. "Adam Raised A Cain" includes "Hoochie Coochie Man" and "I'm A Man" in the outro. "Cover Me" includes "Gimme Shelter" in the outro. "Dancing In The Dark" includes "Everybody Needs Somebody To Love" and "Lookin' For A Love" in the outro. "Roulette" makes its European debut and "Quarter To Three" is performed for the first time since 1981. Radio broadcast portion released on CD "Summer Night" (Crystal Cat). The rest of the show released as "Summer Night Part 2" (Piggham). Audio recording of “Chimes Of Freedom” from this show (both with and without Bruce’s spoken intro announcing the “Human Rights Now!” Amnesty tour) was officially released on various 12” and CD EPs later that year, including the well-known Chimes Of Freedom EP. Thanks to Per for additional info.


CRYSTAL CAT - # CC 363-64


03.07.1988 - Stockholms Stadion, Stockholm, SWEDEN

06.07.1985 - Wembley Stadium, London, ENGLAND *

05.06.1985 - St. James Park, Newcastle, ENGLAND *

04.06.1985 - St. James Park, Newcastle, ENGLAND *

03.07.1985 - Wembley Stadium, London, ENGLAND *

07.07.1985 - Wembley Stadium, London, ENGLAND *


* Bonus Tracks

Disc 1

01. Intro
02. Tunnel of Love
03. Boom Boom
04. Adam Raised a Cain
05. The River
06. All That Heaven Will Allow
07. Seeds
08. Roulette
09. Cover Me
10. Brilliant Disguise

Disc 2

01. Tougher Than the Rest
02. Intro
03. Spare Parts
04. War
05. Born In The U.S.A.
06. Chimes Of Freedom
07. Highway Patrolman 1

08. Downbound Train 2

09. I’m On Fire 3

10. Seeds 4

11. Rockin’ All Over the World 5

12. Street Fighting Man 1


1 06.07.1985 - Wembley Stadium, London, ENGLAND

2 05.06.1985 - St. James Park, Newcastle, ENGLAND

3 04.06.1985 - St. James Park, Newcastle, ENGLAND

4 03.07.1985 - Wembley Stadium, London, ENGLAND

5 07.07.1985 - Wembley Stadium, London, ENGLAND


This is Springsteen’s first substantive radio broadcast since the Darkness tour.  The idea was to broadcast for 90 minutes so Bruce moved Tougher Than the Rest from the start of the second set to the last third of the first set.


The second half of disc two contains the bonus tracks Crystal Cat opted to add to the set.  These are audience recordings from the European leg of the Born in the USA tour.  While the sound quality of the audience recordings is universally good, the audience tapes are not of the same fidelity as the excellent broadcast segment.



Anonymous said...

Could anyone post the 2nd (not broadbasted) part of this tremendous show, the "Summer Night Part 2" released by the Piggham label? Thanks in advance!

Jorge Azevedo said...

I would love the 2nd part as well..

Anonymous said...

Hi - I'm looking for audio copy of just the spoken intro to "Chimes Of Freedom" given by Bruce during the concert broadcast on radio from Stockholm on July 3rd 1988 - when he announced that he was going on tour for Amnesty International. If you can help please email an mp3 or WAV to me. my email address is davidhendrix101 - then the "at" symbol. Then the word: earthlink. Then: dot net - thank you

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