Prodigal Son In The City Of Angels (Prodigal Son)

Friday, 29 June 2012


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Prodigal Son In The City Of Angels



23.10.1999 - Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA

Disc 1

01. Intro
02. Take 'Em As They Come
03. The Ties That Bind
04. Two Hearts
05. Adam Raised A Cain
06. Darkness On The Edge Of Town
07. The Promised Land
08. Factory
09. Independence Day

Disc 2

01. Youngstown
02. Murder Incorporated
03. Badlands
04. Out In The Street
05. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
06. Incident On 57th Street
07. For You
08. The Ghost Of Tom Joad

Disc 3

01. The Promise
02. Backstreets
03. Light Of Day
04. Ramrod
05. Born To Run
06. Thunder Road
07. If I Should Fall Behind
08. Land Of Hope And Dreams
09. Blinded By The Light


Source: ALD/AUD Professional Mix

  • Brucebase Info (23.10.1999)

Audience tape released on CD "Los Angeles Night" (Crystal Cat). An IEM tape also exists, as well as a partial screenshot DVD. Wonderful IEM/AUD mixes available as "Searching For Mr. Staples" (Flynn) and "Prodigal Son In The City Of Angels" (Prodigal Son). The latter in particular is one of the best recordings from the tour, if not all time. Fantastic setlist includes the second "Incident On 57th Street" of the tour and a solo piano "The Promise", the first of only three performances of the tour - not including the public rehearsal in Asbury Park. "Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out" includes "It's All Right", "Take Me To The River", "Gypsy Woman", "Red Headed Woman", and "Rumble Doll". "Light Of Day" includes an amusing take on "California Sun" and "I've Been Everywhere".


Anonymous said...

The sound on this one is fantastic. And the performance...well it's Bruce!

Anonymous said...

This has to be the best recording of Incident there is. Giving me chills...

Anonymous said...

Ladies & Gentlemen ALL RISE!!!

R.I.P. Big Man

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