No Foolin' Around - Live In Washington(Hobbes4444 Version ; Duke Remaster)

Thursday, 7 June 2012


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Audience tape (by Hobbes4444) and audience shot DVD/Blu-ray (by NYCBC). Washington gets three tour premieres in a 26-song set clocking in at just short of three hours. The highlight is the full-band "The Promise", only played twice before; at the opening concert of the Darkness Tour in 1978 and then years later at the Asbury Park Carousel in 2010. "Adam Raised A Cain and "Out in the Street" are the other tour premieres. "Land of Hope and Dreams" returns to the set, along with the pairing of "Seaside Bar Song" and "Does This Bus Stop At 82nd Street?". Bruce has a close call while crowd surfing during "634-5789" as the crowd nearly drops him.


No Foolin' Around – Live In Washington



01.04.2012 - Verizon Center, Washington, DC

Disc 1

01.  Intro
02.  We Take Care Of Our Own
03.  Wrecking Ball
04.  Night
05.  Death To My Hometown
06.  My City Of Ruins
07.  Seaside Bar Song
08.  Does This Bus Stop At 82nd St?
09.  Intro
10. Jack Of All Trades
11. Trapped
12. Adam Raised A Cain

13. Easy Money
14. She's the One

Disc 2

01. Waitin' On A Sunny Day
02. The Promise
03. The Way You Do The Things You Do
04. 634-5789
05. American Skin (41 Shots)
06. Because The Night
07. The Rising
08. We Are Alive
09. Thunder Road

Disc 3

01. Public Service Announcement
02. Rocky Ground
03. Out In The Street
04. Born To Run
05. Dancing In The Dark
06. Land Of Hope And Dreams
07. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out


Just let the E Street Band do the talkin' on this one. . .


Unforunately there is a little more mic movement than I would have liked, in part because of the clappers around me, in part because of my seat location.  I was looking straight on at the front of the stage with a stack above and to my left a little pointed away from me.  I aimed the mics up, but probably should have left them in my usual spot.  When Bruce wandered around the arena, I had to move my head a bit to follow him and the sound stage does shift a bit.  Over headphones it will be a little noticeable on Sunny Day, DITD, and 634-5789, but over speakers, maybe not so much.  But damn it sounded nice. Absolutely best sounding Springsteen show (from my location) in many many many years. . .


Recording Info:


Section 113, Row M

AT933 hypercardioid (3 wire) > Church Audio ST9100 > Edirol R-09 (24/44.1) ; Audacity to amplify 3db and convert to 16 bit, cdwave to cut ; TLH for the rest ; No EQ.


If you decide to EQ ("remaster") this, please make it clear when disseminating that it's my source but your alterations.  I would appreciate it if you would contact me first before posting/sharing.

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4No Foolin' Around (Hobbes4444 Version)

4No Foolin' Around (Hobbes4444 Version ; Duke Remaster)


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