Insure Me Now! Vol. 2 (EV2)

Friday, 29 June 2012


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Audience, IEM and DVD. Tour premiere of “Roulette”, last played 14th July 1988 in Basel, Switzerland. Fantastic version of “Darlington County” kicks off with an impromptu “Honky Tonk Women” to an ecstatic crowd. Final tour appearances of "Because The Night" and "Brilliant Disguise". First "Independence Day" of the 2000 leg. Released on CDR "An Other-Worldly Groove" - this is an IEM/AUD mix apart from the last track which is AUD only. Also from Ev2's 5-IEM mix, with more audience sound than other releases of this show. During "Tenth Avenue", you can actually hear Clarence's vocals in the background - doesn't happen too often. Bruce's and Steve's guitars are high in the mix, but then again Nils' guitar is very low for some reason. (The audience mix makes it a little more audible). ("Insure Me Now! Vol. 2", Ev2). Soundcheck includes Human Touch outtake "Leavin' Train". Thanks to Johanna for the soundcheck info and to John for the tape info. Available on DVD "One More For Hartford", which is dubbed with the 5-IEM mix.

Insure Me Now! Vol. 2



08.05.2000 - Civic Center, Hartford, CT

Disc 1

01. Roulette

02. Prove It All Night

03. Two Hearts (w/ It Takes Two)

04. Darlington County (w/ Honky Tonk Women)

05. Atlantic City

06. My Hometown

07. Independence Day

Disc 2

01. Youngstown

02. Murder Incorporated

03. Badlands

04. Out in the Street

05. Tenth Avenue Freeze-out

06. Brilliant Disguise

07. Because the Night

08. Intro / "Hartford Food System"

09. The Ghost of Tom Joad

10. Racing in the Street

Disc 3

01. Light of Day (w/ Boom Boom)

02. Spirit In The Night

03. Born To Run

04. Thunder Road

05. If I Should Fall Behind

06. Land Of Hope And Dreams

07. "Audience"

08. Ramrod


Cut every track (IEM & AUD separately) to about 2min pieces that I used to mix the sources to avoid any mixing errors (exact timing).

Deleted clicks in the IEM source one by one.


This 'remaster' has much more audience than all the other versions of this show (so far).


Big thanks to mr. Nobody for sharing the IEM mix and tattoodad for making him share it.


Remastering Info:


5-CH IEM/AUD mix


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