Third Night at Monmouth Arts Center – Original Master Series (Fanatic Records)

Monday, 28 May 2012


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Audience tape. Live premiere of one of Bruce's finest songs, "The Promise", with different lyrics to later versions (not least the chorus is "it's a loser" rather than "thunder road"). "Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)" features an extended mariachi-style introduction, Roy playing a bit of Bach's Prelude No. 1 in C Major (BWV 846), and a snippet of "Theme From Shaft" in the midsection. Released on CD "Delivering The Promise" (B Street), CDR "Third Rendezvous In Red Bank" (B Street) and from the master cassettes on CDR "“Third Night at Monmouth Arts Center” (Original Master Series).

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Third Night at Monmouth Arts Center – Original Master Series



03.08.1976 - Monmouth Arts Center, Red Bank, NJ

Disc 1

01. Night
02. Rendezvous
03. Spirit In The Night
04. It's My Life
05. Thunder Road
06. She's The One
07. Born To Run
08. The Promise
09. Backstreets

Disc 2

01. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
02. Jungleland
03. Rosalita
04. 4th July Asbury Park (Sandy)
05. Raise Your Hand
06. You Can't Sit Down


Here begins the original master series of the Monmouth Arts Center- Redbank, NJ shows from 1976 provided once again by Mr Anonymous. Along with these recordings are also rare photos he took at those shows. So the artwork will be as authentic as it gets for this period. These will not be released in sequence, but I was promised that eventually we will get all six of the Redbank shows coming from the master tapes. We have a very rowdy and enthusiastic crowd on the night of this 15 song set. This is the very first time THE PROMISE is performed live! It also has slightly different lyrics than later versions. So this one is indeed another special show. I boosted the volume and tweaked the sound. This made a difference as the original master sounded somewhat distant. If you enjoy this period in Bruce Springsteen’s career, you’ll love this show!


Fanatic Records in association with Mr Anonymous is proud to share this recording with Bruce Springsteen fans worldwide!


- Rob Oslan (Fanatic Records)



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  • Same Show, Different Versions

4Delivering The Promise" (“B” Street)

4Third Rendezvous In Red Bank" (“B” Street)

4Third Night at Monmouth Arts Center (Fanatic Records)


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