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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

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How Sweet It Is


19.08.1978 - Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA

Disc 1

01. Ed Sciaky's Intro
02. Good Rockin' Tonight
03. Badlands
04. Spirit In The Night
05. Darkness On The Edge Of Town
06. Heartbreak Hotel
07. Factory
08. The Promised Land
09. Prove It All Night 
10. Thunder Road
11. Jungleland
12. Rave On 
13. The Fever
14. Sweet Little Sixteen

Disc 2

01. Sherry Darling
02. 4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)
03. Mona
04. She's The One
05. Growin' Up
06. Backstreets
07. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
08. Born To Run
09. Because The Night
10. Quarter To Three  5


1 fades out

2 fades in

3 w/ Gary Busey

4 edited

5 cuts out early


+ Rob (Fanatic Records) Notes: The two sources used for this project was the long existing soundboard from “The Jersey Devil” and the recently surfaced (incomplete) master reel from Ed Sciaky’s private collection. “The Jersey Devil” release from Golden Stars was sourced from the soundboard and although a nice recording, it had heavy tape hiss. Another flaw was that the pitch on the first 2:21 of Growin’ Up ran fast.  That flaw has been corrected! In addition, the audience source used for Prove It All Night was always in question. After the Ed Sciaky master reel surfaced, it was obvious that Prove It All Night from “The Jersey Devil” was in fact a fake, coming from a totally different show. From Ed Sciaky’s reel Prove It all Night is just slightly incomplete, but now at least it’s authentic. On disc one all tracks are from the Ed Sciaky master reel and no EQ whatever was done. The Ed Sciaky source had Born To Run grafted onto the end of Sherry Darling. So in regards to editing I split those tracks and added the other source to make the track sequence correct and complete. On disc 2 all tracks except, Born To Run, are from “The Jersey Devil” soundboard and EQ was done including tape hiss reduction. I opted to use Sherry Darling from “The Jersey Devil" source although Ed Sciaky’s had better clarity. The problem with Sherry Darling from Ed’s reel was that there was a subtle sound fluctuation. This may have been due to some tape degradation over the years. Thunder Road fades in on both sources and Quarter To Three fades out. It would have been a real treat to have the complete show from Ed Sciaky’s reel. But, in the end we have a near complete show coming from the best 2 available sources. I hope this hybrid-remaster gives you the best listening pleasure possible from this classic 1978 Philly show! As Bruce said, after performing Spirit In The Night, “HOW SWEET IT IS.”

+ Source Notes: Fanatic Records Hybrid Remaster Edition. Sourced from Ed Sciaky's Master Reel and the soundboard from "The New Jersey Devil" (Golden Stars). Ed Sciaky's Master Reel - flac>Wav>Wave editor>flac ; "The Jersey Devil" - EAC>wav>Wave Editor>magix>flac ; Trader's Little Helper used for correcting Sector boundary errors.


+  Brucebase (19.08.1978): Soundboard recording (incomplete) and audience tape. "Good Rockin' Tonight" is played for the first time as well as "The Fever" once again. "Backstreets" includes 'Sad Eyes'. Incomplete show as "Racing in The Street" is missing, "Prove It All Night" is from an audience tape, "Thunder Road" fades in and "Quarter To Three" fades out. Gary Busey guests again on "Rave On". Released on CD 'The Jersey Devil' (Golden Stars) and also in improved quality from Ed Sciaky's tape of the soundboard.


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