Runners In The Night (Doberman)

Tuesday, 1 May 2012



Runners In The Night

DOBERMAN – # DBM 181-182


07.04.1976 - Allen Theatre, Cleveland, OH

Disc 1


02. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out

03. Spirit In The Night

04. It’s My Life

05. Thunder Road

06. She’s The One

07. Born To Run

08. Incident On 57th Street

09. Frankie

10. Backstreets

Disc 2

01. Growin’ Up

02. It’s Hard To Be A Saint In The City

03. Blinded By The Light

04. Jungleland

05. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)-p        uuui       7. Detroit Medley

08. Quarter To Three


+ Here we have an awesome show from Bruce Springsteen's Chicken Scratch tour of 1976-1977, in excellent soundboard quality! This one features a good cross selection of songs from the three albums Bruce had released by that point; Born To Run is obviously the most prominent, but there's a good number of tracks from his debut, as well. There's a few cuts here and there, but they don't detract from this great performance! There's nothing quite like a good Chicken Scratch show, and this is one of the best!


+  Brucebase (07.04.1976): Soundboard tape. "Blinded By The Light" is an edited version as Bruce skips a verse for some reason (Thanks to Per). First "Incident On 57th Street" since September 1975. Released on CD "Live At The Allen Theatre" (BS), and "Runners In The Night" (Doberman). A version from a first or second generation reel also circulates.

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