New York, NY 04-06-12 (Kathleen Version)

Thursday, 12 April 2012

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New York, NY 04-06-12



06.04.2012 - Madison Square Garden, New York, NY


01. Intro
02. Badlands
03. We Take Care Of Our Own
04. Wrecking Ball
05. Out In The Street
06. Death To My Hometown
07. My City Of Ruins
08. Murder Incorporated
09. Johnny 99
10. Bruce talking about tough times
11. Jack Of All Trades
12. Shackled and Drawn
13. Lion's Den
14. Easy Money
15. Waiting On a Sunny Day
16. The Promised Land
17. Apollo Medley
18. American Skin (41 Shots)
19. Lonesome Day
20. The Rising
21. We Are Alive
22. Thunder Road
23. Bruce talking
24. Rocky Ground
25. Kitty's Back
26. Born To Run
27. Dancing In The Dark
28. Tenth Avenue Freeze-out


Kathleen Version Notes: Recorded from section 112 behind the stage:  The sound is good but not excellent. It was very boomy behind the stage. For night 2 I used the high pass filter (since we were in the same general area) and the sound is much better. I will get night 2 out and both Meadowlands nights out soon. || Church Audio cardioid mic's CA-14s > Church Audio pre-amp 9100 > Edirol R-09HR @ 24/96 > Adobe Audition 3 for dithering and downsampling > CD wav > flac


 + Brucebase (06.04.2012): Audience tape (by Kathleen) and audience shot DVD/Blu-ray. First night in New York and Madison Square Garden is treated to a 2 hours 45 minute show with two tour premieres including perhaps the biggest surprise of the tour to date, "Lion's Den", which has only been played three times previously on the Reunion tour. Bruce and Band enter the stage with the lights on and the music of "New York, New York" playing. Surprisingly "Badlands" opens the set, displacing "We Take Care Of Our Own" which has been ever-present in that slot so far. An excellent "Murder Incorporated" is the other tour debut. "Shackled And Drawn" makes a welcome return, and the encores include "Kitty's Back.


Anonymous said...

hi, great job!
unfortunally the 2nd part of 04/06 don't work...

alewollas said...

They work both. Excellent show, very good sound, one of the best so far. I can't wait my Florence show...

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