Let’s Produce! (Doberman)

Monday, 23 April 2012


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1977.02.13 - No Trouble In Receiver (EV2)1978.06.16 - Driving That Dusty Road (Godfather Records)

Let’s Produce!

DOBERMAN - #DBM 326/327


02.12.2002 - Phillips Arena, Atlanta, GA

Disc 1

01. The Rising

02. Lonesome Day

03. The Ties That Bind

04. Night

05. Empty Sky

06. You’re Missing

07. Waitin’ On A Sunny Day

08. No Surrender

09. World’s Apart

10. Badlands

11. She’s The One

12. Mary’s Place

Disc 2

01. Countin’ On A Miracle

02. Thunder Road

03. Into The Fire

04. Where The Bands Are

05. Glory Days 1

06. Born To Run 1

07. My City Of Ruins

08. Born In The U.S.A.

09. Land Of Hope And Dreams

10. Dancing In The Dark


1 with Brendan O’Brien


+  Brucebase (02.12.2002): Audience tape, excellent ALD / soundboard and DVD. Relatively short 22-song set. Brendan O'Brien joins Bruce and the band on-stage to add rhythm guitar to "Glory Days" and "Born to Run". Bruce opens the encores with "Where the Bands Are", the first performance of that song since March 4, 2000. ALD/soundboard released on CD "Lets Produce" (Doberman), "Atlanta Rising" (Asbury Records) and "Rising Up In Atlanta" (Mainstream). Great quality DVD "March On Atlanta" (CTC).


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