Wrecking Vernon (Bakerstuff Version)

Friday, 14 September 2012




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Wrecking Vernon



2012.08.29 - Vernon Downs Raceway, Vernon, NY


Disc 1

01. "Call To The Post" intro
02. Out in the Street
03. It's Hard to Be a Saint in the City
04. Hungry Heart
05. Stand on It
06. I'm a Rocker
07. We Take Care of Our Own
08. Wrecking Ball
09. Death to My Hometown
10. Darkness on the Edge of Town
11. My City of Ruins
12. The E Street Shuffle

Disc 2

01. Frankie
02. Open All Night
03. Jack of All Trades
04. Human Touch
05. Prove It All Night ('78 intro)
06. Darlington County
07. Working on the Highway
08. Shackled and Drawn
09. Waitin' on a Sunny Day
10. Backstreets (with Dream Baby Dream interlude)

Disc 3

01. Badlands
02. Land of Hope and Dreams
03. Thunder Road
04. Born to Run
05. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
06. Dancing in the Dark
07. Tenth Avenue Freeze-out
08. Quarter to Three
09. Twist and Shout


Excellent recording with some pit chatter during the quieter parts. Sudden level change during first song was not a recording issue but rather the right stage speakers kicked off for a bit.


Please do not post this to Dime, I will do that myself after this uploads here. Enjoy....


Recording Info


Recorded from Pit, right side: Church Audio CA-14 Cardioids> CA-UGLY PreAmp > Edirol R-09HR > CD Wave Editor > Cool Edit Pro for boosts and fades > Trader's Little Helper > FLAC


No fades at disc change for those who don't
burn to disc anymore.

  • Brucebase Info (29.08.2012)

Bruce and the band play Vernon Downs, the horse racing track located in the town of Vernon in central New York. Great set opens with four requests in the first five songs, including the tour premiere of "Stand On It" (last played in Washington DC at the end of the Working On A Dream Tour) and "I'm A Rocker", for the second time this tour. There's also the third tour "Frankie", a second airing of "Open All Night" and the tour debut of "Human Touch", the first song to be played from that album this tour. The 1978 guitar intro precedes "Prove It All Night", and the remainder of the show also includes "Backstreets" and "Quarter To Three".

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