Back At The Old Tower

Thursday, 15 March 2012


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"Nice to see some things don't change: 30 years ago, touring for Born to Run, Springsteen played a four-night stand at Philly's Tower Theatre; tonight, as on the Ghost of Tom Joad tour, he returned to this nearly 80-year-old venue. "It's great to be back at the Tower," he said, adding that the alley out back had given him flashbacks. Of course, Springsteen's 2005 model is quite a different evening at the theater, and despite his usual penchant for his older tunes in Philly, Bruce played not a single song from that 1975 stand -- "Incident" was the only song in tonight's set that even dated back that far. But it's not like there wasn't anything for the aficionados: "This is something I recorded for the Darkness record, and have never played before... something special for the Tower." And with that, at the piano, he went into "The Iceman," the long-cherished outtake that finally surfaced on Tracks in 1998, here a live world premiere. We can exhale, as "Real World" finally returned to the set (where we hope it stays) as an audible. And a tour debut kicked off the encore, a reworking of "Ramod" on acoustic guitar and harmonica -- a light, upbeat arrangement that borrowed the tune from Nick Lowe's "Half a Boy and Half a Man." So though "Wreck on the Highway" stayed in, tonight wasn't quite as dark as the previous pair of arena shows. Not as much talk from Springsteen (could be he was biting his tongue -- it was a rowdy crowd), but lots of subtle musical differences (like a new intro to "Further On") keep the show moving forward as we near the end of the U.S. leg." – : 2005 Setlist

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Back At The Old Tower



17.05.2005 - Tower Theatre, Upper Darby, PA

24.07.2005 - Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte, NC *

13.11.2005 - Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, NJ *

19.05.2005 - The Theatre at Continental Airlines Arena,  19.05.2005 - East Rutherford, NJ *


* Bonus Tracks

Disc 1

01. Intro

02. My Beautiful Reward

03. Reason To Believe

04. Devils & Dust

05. Youngstown

06. Empty Sky

07. Intro / "Amazing Grace"

08. Black Cowboys

09. Intro / "Fabulous Tower Theater"

10. Iceman

11. Incident On 57th Street

12. Introduction

13. Part Man, Part Monkey

14. Maria's Bed

15. Silver Palomino

16. Reno

17. Introduction

18. Wreck On The Highway

19. Real World

Disc 2

01. The Rising

02. Further On (Up The Road)

03. Intro / "Jesus Is My Homeboy"

04. Jesus Was An Only Son

05. Intro / "Windsurfer"

06. Leah

07. Introduction

08. The Hitter

09. Introduction

10. Matamoros Banks

11. Ramrod 1

12. Land Of Hope And Dreams

13. The Promised Land

14. Dream Baby Dream

15. Outro Music

Disc 3 (Bonus From G. Wang's Master Recordings)
01. Introduction / "Shut The Fuck Up" 5
02. The Wish
03. Paradise
04. I'm On Fire
05. Two Faces
06. Nothing Man
07. If I Should Fall Behind
08. Blinded By The Light
09. Wild Billy's Circus Story
10. Fade Away
11. Introduction
12. Santa Ana
13. Janey, Don't You Lose Heart
14. Drive All Night
15. Jesus Was An Only Son 4

1 Has some audio problems

2 24.07.2005 - Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte, NC

3 13.11.2005 - Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, NJ

4 Speech removed from middle of the song.

5 19.05.2005 - The Theatre at Continental Airlines Arena,

5 19.05.2005 - East Rutherford, NJ


+ Ev2 Notes: Every show, every track from "George Wang"'s master recordings (thankyou!). The only time ever "Iceman" has been played live. Tour premiere of "Ramrod". These are all from George Wang's master recordings. || Taper: George Wang ; Source: DPA4022 > Sonosax SX-M2 > Mogami interconnect > Edirol R-1 @ 24/44.1 ; Location: Sec ORCH RGT CENTER Row QQ Seat 125, 21st row stage left stack.


 + Brucebase (17.05.2005): Audience tape. World premiere for Darkness On The Edge Of Town outtake "Iceman", the only known performance of the song. "Ramrod" is also a tour premiere and "Real World" returns to the set. Piano songs are "Iceman", "Incident On 57th Street", "Real World", and "Jesus Was An Only Son". "Reason To Believe" is with the bullet mic. "My Beautiful Reward" and "Dream Baby Dream" are on pump organ. "Wreck On The Highway" is on electric piano. Thanks to Eddy for the soundcheck details. Available on CDR "Back At The Old Tower" (Ev2).


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