Musicares Person Of The Year Gala (JEMS Master)

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Musicares Person Of The Year Gala



Musicares Person Of The Year Gala







01. Introduction

01. Jon Stewart

02. Adam Raised A Cain 1

02. Alabama Shakes

03. Because The Night

03. Patti Smith

04. Atlantic City

04. Natalie Maines, Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite

05. American Land

05. Ken Casey

06. My City Of Ruins

06. Zac Brown and Mavis Staples

07. I'm On Fire

07. Mumford & Sons

08. American Skin (41 Shots)

08. Jackson Browne and Tom Morello

09. My Hometown

09. Emmylou Harris

10. One Step Up

10. Kenny Chesney

11. Streets Of Philadelphia

11. Elton John

12. Hungry Heart

12. Juanes

13. Tougher Than The Rest

13. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

14. The Ghost Of Tom Joad

14. Tom Morello and Jim James

15. Dancing In The Dark

15. John Legend

16. Lonesome Day

16. Sting

17. Born In The U.S.A.

17. Neil Young and Crazy Horse with Nils Lofgren




18. We Take Care Of Our Own

18. Bruce Springsteen

19. Death To My Hometown

19. Bruce Springsteen

20. Thunder Road

20. Bruce Springsteen

21. Born To Run 2

21. Bruce Springsteen

22. Glory Days 3

22. Bruce Springsteen





Complete show.

1 slightly distorted at start.

2 small patch from crappy source at end.

3 alternate source ; all artists.

4 Springsteen plays a five-song set accompanied by the house band and various members of the E Street Band, including Patti Scialfa, Nils Lofgren, Roy Bittan, Max Weinberg and Garry Tallent.

Yes, there were walk-through metal detectors and more security scrutiny than at most shows, but JEMS hasn't been doing this since 1972 without learning a thing or to about getting gear into a venue.


In truth, getting the recorder in was the easy part. MuisCares is set up as giant dinner with some 3000 people seated at 300+ tables in a convention center room that was as big a football field if not longer. So the trick was how to record from tables of noisy eaters, in a gigantic room where no one is really close or near the PA, with security looking closely for cameras (which were banned, but in truth people did shoot with their phones as the night wore on). The answer, without revealing any trade secrets, was to get the recorder away from the tables and people and as close to the PA as possible, hide it in plain sight, set the levels once and walk away. Happily, our approach yielded a solid result. Samples provided.


You'll hear plenty of close chatter at the start before we moved the recorder. The levels were a bit low, so we had to spend a fair amount of time in post adjusting by song, as some of the acoustic performances (e.g. Mumford & Sons) were 40-50db quieter than the electric ones (e.g. Neil Young). We tried to make all the edits and adjustments as seamless as possible but you may notice some shifts that are more jarring than others. Also note that the program did not run one artist into the next but there were often long breaks in between where video from past years was aired. All this has been removed along with some of the longer breaks where there was no action on stage. The band introductions were either handled by the house announcer (who was awful) or Jon Stewart--either way I have put the track IDs at the start of each song, leaving the intro on the tail end of the track before. I think this will make for better listening when you are trying to play a specific song.


The only frustrating part was that the night ran so long and late that the recorder ran out before Bruce stopped playing (if we hadn't recorded some of the pre-performance portions of the night we would have been OK). The last 30 or so seconds of "Born to Run" have been patched with a crappy phone recording. "Glory Days" is appended from a decent phone recording to complete the show.


You may have read reviews of what was good and bad this night and now you can judge for yourself.



Thanks to roberto361.


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