Others - Fireflies in the Park: The 2012 Wrecking Ball Compilation Part 3 - North American Stadiums (Flynn)

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Title: Fireflies in the Park: The 2012 Wrecking Ball Compilation Part 3 - North American Stadiums

Label (Catalog #): A "Flynn" Compilation

Format: 4CD

Source: Various

Location: Various Cities (North America)

Date: Various Dates (2012)




Disc 1:

  1. Dirty Water (2012-08-14, Boston, MA) (Bakerstuff)
  2. Who'll Stop The Rain (2012-09-22, East Rutherford, NJ) (Larryrulz)
  3. Cover Me (2012-09-22, East Rutherford, NJ) (Larryrulz)
  4. Downbound Train (2012-09-22, East Rutherford, NJ) (Larryrulz)
  5. Cadillac Ranch (2012-09-02, Philadelphia, PA) (Travitz)
  6. Lost In The Flood (2012-08-18, Foxboro, MA) (Hobbes)
  7. Intro (to Jole Blon) (2012-09-21, East Rutherford, NJ) (scb)
  8. Jole Blon (with Gary US Bonds) (2012-09-21, East Rutherford, NJ) (scb)
  9. Intro (to This Little Girl) (2012-09-21, East Rutherford, NJ) (scb)
  10. This Little Girl (with Gary US Bonds) (2012-09-21, East Rutherford, NJ) (scb)
  11. From Small Things (2012-09-21, East Rutherford, NJ) (scb)
  12. Talk To Me (2012-09-21, East Rutherford, NJ) (scb)
  13. Mary's Place (2012-09-21, East Rutherford, NJ) (scb)
  14. Pay Me My Money Down (2012-09-22, East Rutherford, NJ) (Larryrulz)
  15. Intro (to Open All Night) (2012-08-18, Foxboro, MA) (Hobbes)
  16. Open All Night (2012-08-18, Foxboro, MA) (Hobbes)
  17. Intro (to Drift Away) (2012-08-18, Foxboro, MA) (Hobbes)
  18. Drift Away (2012-08-18, Foxboro, MA) (Hobbes)

Disc 2:

  1. Factory (2012-09-03, Philadelphia, PA) (Travitz)
  2. Adam Raised A Cain (2012-09-03, Philadelphia, PA) (Travitz)
  3. Streets Of Fire (2012-09-03, Philadelphia, PA) (Travitz)
  4. Prove It All Night (with 78 intro) (2012-09-03, Philadelphia, PA) (Travitz)
  5. My Love Will Not Let You Down (2012-08-18, Foxboro, MA) (Hobbes)
  6. Sherry Darling (2012-08-15, Boston, MA) (Bakerstuff)
  7. Summertime Blues (2012-08-15, Boston, MA) (Bakerstuff)
  8. This Depression (with Tom Morello) (2012-09-08, Chicago, IL) (Soomlos)
  9. Human Touch (2012-09-19, East Rutherford, NJ) (Bossman)
  10. Janey Don't You Lose Heart (band) (2012-09-22, East Rutherford, NJ) (Larryrulz)
  11. Intro (to Frankie) (2012-09-03, Philadelphia, PA) (Travitz)
  12. Frankie (2012-09-03, Philadelphia, PA) (Travitz)
  13. You Can't Sit Down (2012-09-02, Philadelphia, PA) (Travitz)
  14. Seven Nights To Rock (2012-09-22, East Rutherford, NJ) (Larryrulz)
  15. Detroit Medley (2012-09-14, Washington, DC) (vwmule)

Disc 3:

  1. Intro (to Living on the Edge of the World) (2012-09-21, East Rutherford, NJ) (scb)
  2. Living On The Edge Of The World (2012-09-21, East Rutherford, NJ) (scb)
  3. Cynthia (2012-09-22, East Rutherford, NJ) (Larryrulz)
  4. Night (2012-08-18, Foxboro, MA) (Hobbes)
  5. It's Hard To Be a Saint In The City (2012-09-03, Philadelphia, PA) (Travitz)
  6. Intro (to Knock On Wood) (2012-08-15, Boston, MA) (Bakerstuff)
  7. Knock On Wood (2012-08-15, Boston, MA) (Bakerstuff)
  8. Intro (to Girls In Their Summer Clothes) (2012-08-15, Boston, MA) (Bakerstuff)
  9. Girls In Their Summer Clothes (2012-08-15, Boston, MA) (Bakerstuff)
  10. Boom Boom (2012-08-14, Boston, MA) (Bakerstuff)
  11. Intro (to Mansion On The Hill) (2012-09-19, East Rutherford, NJ) (Bossman)
  12. Mansion On The Hill (2012-09-19, East Rutherford, NJ) (Bossman)
  13. Into The Fire (2012-09-22, East Rutherford, NJ) (Larryrulz)
  14. Intro (to None But The Brave) (2012-09-07, Chicago, IL) (Soomlos)
  15. None But The Brave (2012-09-07, Chicago, IL) (Soomlos)
  16. Meeting Across The River (2012-09-22, East Rutherford, NJ) (Larryrulz)
  17. Jungleland (2012-09-22, East Rutherford, NJ) (Larryrulz)
  18. Who'll Stop The Rain (2012-08-15, Boston, MA) (Bakerstuff)
  19. Rocky Ground (2012-08-15, Boston, MA) (Bakerstuff)

Disc 4:

  1. Intro - Take Me Out To The Ballgame (2012-08-15, Boston, MA) (Bakerstuff)
  2. Thunder Road (Bruce and Roy) (2012-08-15, Boston, MA) (Bakerstuff)
  3. Growin Up (2012-08-18, Foxboro, MA) (Hobbes)
  4. Green Onions (2012-09-02, Philadelphia, PA) (Travitz)
  5. Intro (to Good Rockin Tonight) (2012-09-02, Philadelphia, PA) (Travitz)
  6. Good Rockin Tonight (2012-09-02, Philadelphia, PA) (Travitz)
  7. Stand On It (2012-08-29, Vernon, NY) (Bakerstuff)
  8. I'm A Rocker (2012-08-29, Vernon, NY) (Bakerstuff)
  9. She's The One (with Mona intro) (2012-09-02, Philadelphia, PA) (Travitz)
  10. My Hometown (with Eddie Vedder) (2012-09-08, Chicago, IL) (Soomlos)
  11. Blinded By The Light (2012-09-14, Washington, DC) (vwmule)
  12. Intro (to If I Should Fall Behind) (2012-08-26, Moncton, Canada) (cikubw)
  13. If I Should Fall Behind (solo piano) (2012-08-26, Moncton, Canada) (cikubw)
  14. Incident On 57th Street (band) (2012-09-21, East Rutherford, NJ) (scb)
  15. Rosalita (2012-09-21, East Rutherford, NJ) (scb)
  16. Happy Birthday (2012-09-22, East Rutherford, NJ) (Larryrulz)
  17. In The Midnight Hour (2012-09-22, East Rutherford, NJ) (Larryrulz)
  18. Intro (to Quarter To Three) (2012-08-29, Vernon, NY) (Bakerstuff)
  19. Quarter To Three (2012-08-29, Vernon, NY) (Bakerstuff) 



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Anonymous said...

Magnificent once again. Flynn can't be thanked enough for all his compilations over the years - they bring out the very best of every tour yet remain true to its design and character.

Bokerman said...

Great great collection but no Wrecking Ball...opps!

Antony Forst said...

How do we get hold of these Cds? Especially as it looks as though I will have wait say 3 years or go to a Light of Day January show. We were lucky her in the UK this summer a different series of shows at arenas as well as stadia, and the odd hall too.
Coventry 3 months ago was brilliant a BTR album show, after the passing of James Gandolfini 2 days before, and I was at the front anyway. Manchester was different in 2012, he was almost 33 & not 63, but equally good. I think Bruce is like a fine wine that gets better with age, but we all love him no end.

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