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Title: Racing In Vancouver

Label (Catalog #): DGB / Ev2

Format: 3CD

Source: Audience Tape

Location: Rogers Arena, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Date: November 26, 2012




Disc 1:

  1. Shackled and Drawn
  2. Out in the Street
  3. Hungry Heart
  4. We Take Care of Our Own
  5. Wrecking Ball
  6. Death to My Hometown
  7. My City of Ruins
  8. Spirit in the Night
  9. Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street?

Disc 2:

  1. Red Headed Woman
  2. Streets of Fire
  3. Because the Night
  4. She's the One
  5. Cover Me
  6. Darlington County
  7. Waiting on a Sunny Day
  8. Raise Your Hand
  9. The Rising
  10. Badlands

Disc 3:

  1. Land of Hope and Dreams
  2. Foodbank PSA
  3. Racing in the Street
  4. Radio Nowhere
  5. Born to Run
  6. Dancing in the Dark
  7. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
  8. Tenth Avenue Freeze-out



Edited from "DGB"'s master recording.

No fades between tracks.





Located in section 114 right hand side of stage in line with right side speaker stacks. This is the 5th time seeing the Boss. Hands down the best Bruce Springsteen show I have seen. The set list could have been better, but this was more than compensated by a high energy show from start to finish. The highlight for me was a great rendition of 'Racing in the Street'. This recording is dedicated to the 80 year old lady that Bruce pulled from the audience to the stage during 'Dancing in the Dark'. Apparently this is the 2nd time this lady has danced on the stage with Bruce.

Great sound from where I was located which is reflected in what I consider overall an excellent recording with minimal crowd noise. A few seconds missing at the start of 'Raise Your Hand' during my quick tape change. Bruce did not give me enough time! The people in the row in front of me were constantly leaving their seats during the show getting drinks, but overall they remained very quiet for most of the show apart from the first 15 to 20 minutes. For all you NHL fans out there, Trevor Linden (retired Vancouver Canuck player) was sitting 6 seats to the left of my seat.

Enjoy this show as much as I did!






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