St. Louis Magic Night

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


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St. Louis Magic Night

Crystal Cat – # CC 915-17


23.08.2008 - Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA

17.03.2008 - Bradley Center, Milwaukee, WI *

15.08.2008 - Veterans Memorial Arena, Jacksonville, Fl *


* Bonus Tracks


Disc 1


01. Intro / The Daring Young Man On The Flying Trapeze

02. Then She Kissed Me

03. Radio Nowhere

04. Out In The Street

05. Adam Raised A Cain

06. Spirit In The Night

07. Rendezvous

08. For You

09. Mountain Of Love

10. Backstreets

11. Gypsy Biker

12. Because The Night

13. Not Fade Away - She's The One

14. Livin' In The Future


Disc 2


01. Cover Me

02. Mary's Place

03. Drive All Night

04. The Rising

05. Last To Die

06. Long Walk Home

07. Badlands

08. Girls In Their Summer Clothes

09. Jungleland


Disc 3


01. Detroit Medley

02. Born To Run

03. Dancing In The Dark

04. American Land

05. Thunder Road

06. Little Queenie

07. Twist And Shout

08. It's Hard To Be A Saint In The City 1

09. Loose Ends 1

10. You Can't Sit Down 2

11. Back In Your Arms 2

12. Kitty's Back 2




1 17.03.2008 - Bradley Center, Milwaukee, WI

2 15.08.2008 - Veterans Memorial Arena, Jacksonville, Fl


+ Brucebase (23.08.2008): Audience tape. Available on CDR "All The Stars Shining" (Ev2) and CDs "Lying in the Heat of the Night" (Godfather) and "St. Louis Magic Night" (Crystal Cat). The Ev2 version is probably best of the bunch, but still doesn't do a remarkable show justice. Wow, what a show. Has to go down as one of the best of the Reunion era with all sorts of surprises. Premieres for four classic covers - "Then She Kissed Me" opens, last played exactly 33 years ago in Atlanta. "Mountain Of Love" (also 33 years away), a snatch of "Not Fade Away" as intro to "She's The One" recalls 1978, and finally "Little Queenie," one of three songs played after "American Land". "For You" is the full band version, and the set also includes "Adam Raised A Cain", "Rendezvous", "Cover Me" and "Drive All Night". "Rendezvous", "For You", "Mountain Of Love", "Backstreets", "Drive All Night", and "Little Queenie" are played by sign request. Patti Scialfa is not present.


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Can you please re-upload it?

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Any chance of a re-upload?

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