Prodigal Son At Winterland - The 25th Anniversary Remaster

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Prodigal Son At Winterland, front.1 

Prodigal Son At Winterland, back
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sameold_front FRONT
Prodigal Son At Winterland
The 25th Anniversary Remaster

Prodigal Son – # PS-004-200312SPR1NGST33N


15.12.1978 - Winterland, San Francisco, CA


Disc 1


01. Badlands
02. Streets Of Fire
03. Spirit In The Night
04. Darkness On The Edge Of Town
05. Factory
06. The Promised Land
07. Prove It All Night
08. Racing in the Street
09. Thunder Road
10. Jungleland


Disc 2


01. The Ties That Bind
02. Santa Story
03. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
04. The Fever
05. Fire
06. Candy's Room
07. Because The Night
08. Point Blank
09. Mona / Preacher's Daughter
10. She's The One
11. Backstreets


Disc 3


01. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
02. Born To Run
03. Detroit Medley
04. 10th Avenue Freeze-Out
05. Raise Your Hand
06. Quarter To Three




+ More Info: Crystal Cat's "Winterland Night" is the source for the majority of tracks, other than The Promised Land (runs fast), Thunder Road (hiss, runs fast) and Jungleland (hiss, runs fast) which are taken from Great Dane's "Live In The Promised Land". Remaster effects are primarily EQ and compression. The result is more of a "live" feeling, with much improved instrument balance, the drums were previously far too high in the mix.  Each song was painstakingly remastered, with more than ten takes for every track. I hope you enjoy the set, and thanks to Prodigal Son for all his efforts.


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Part 2:!download|743p12|313436454|1978-12-15_Winterland__remastered_.part2.rar|124465|0|0

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